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Side hustle is important now more than ever.

I occasionally take up a few side hustle projects. All you need is a little extra commitment and the right attitude. This gives you an opportunity to solve some out-of-the-box problems which you might not tackle in your daily job. The success mantra to a successful side hustle is that you need to get attached and believe in the idea otherwise you might lose your interest along the way. This doesn’t mean side hustle can only be work related, it can be something you are passionate about and if you make money along the way there is nothing better than that.

Peter Rogozik and I go way long back. I still remember as a student how difficult it can be to crack the first job here in Australia. It has been around 3 years we have made some good developments. He is an independent buyers’ advocate in Melbourne with over 30 years of experience | #realestate. To read more about him:

Additionally, he has started an interesting website which has all sorts of information in the form of checklists and videos to help buyers answering all their questions. To name few – Pre-buying, Obtaining Finance, Auction, Buying Land, Contract and Legal.